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Passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ

Our vision is to proclaim Christ to all people, build a global community of believers, and work with our partners in ministry. Our mission is to use 21st century technology to communicate the 1st century gospel by helping people discover and grow in their journey with God.

Helping people discover and grow in their journey with God

As people continue to search the Internet for answers to the dilemmas of their life, they provide Network211 with an open door into their hearts so that we can help them discover and grow in their journey with God.

Since 2008, Network211 has used the Internet to make Gospel presentations to 43.8 million individuals living in 242 countries and territories. Over 2.1 million of them made an evangelism response and more than 368,000 wrote to us to begin a discipleship connection. As the Lord provides, our goal is to complete Project 100Million — presenting the Gospel to 100 million individuals.

Every single day, people search online for answers, Network211 responds by presenting the Gospel, they connect with us when they write, we provide further online content so they can grow in the Lord, and we direct them to a local church. The motto for this strategy is that we help people go from “Searches to Churches!”

Network211 offers evangelism sites in sixteen languages, including the top ten languages of the Internet. You can view the online interactive community in English at

Network211 offers online interactive communities for specific audiences, as well. The first is for the military community and is called, “The Warrior’s Journey” ( We equip warriors and their families to navigate the issues of life and find resiliency through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Logo: Network211
Logo: Network211
Logo: Network211