Passionate about serving a world in need

We use a Christ-centered, development-based approach to helping people help themselves. Our ministry philosophy is that every person has value, dignity, and potential, no matter his or her life situation. Our workers are committed to "walking with" rather than "doing for" a needy person or community. During that journey together, our team members take every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

At the invitation of communities, national churches, and missionaries in all regions of the world, our teams offer training in community health evangelism, health education, medical seminars, medical/dental/optical services, training and services for ministry to those with disabilities, disaster relief training, post-crisis pastoral care, and training in community development and appropriate technology.

Salvations during medical outreach to Honduras

Missionary Rose Hinton traveled to Honduras with a CompassionLink medical team in February 2015. The team focused on a Teen Challenge center and an orphanage. During their visit, 248 people were ministered to with the gospel.

Health clinics were held at Centro Evangelistica in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, and in Villa San Francisco. A total of 1,399 patients were seen. Of those, 280 people received some form of health education and 14 individuals made decisions to follow Christ.

Rose stated, “One of my greatest joys in serving with a medical team is to watch what God does in the lives of the people who are helping us.” The young girl who translated for Rose had the opportunity to lead a man to Christ during his medical assessment. The sparkle in her eyes, smile on her face, and excitement in her voices brought Rose to tears as her translator shared that the man was the first person she had ever led to Christ.


Ministry in the Dominican Republic touches lives physically and spiritually

Recent clinics in the Dominican Republic and Honduras provided impoverished communities with one-on-one health screenings and consultations. Not only that, but both outreaches saw a large number of miracles and divine healings as team members prayed with patients. Many individuals expressed surprise and astonishment as their pain instantly disappeared during prayer.

Even more exciting than watching God touch bodies was seeing Him heal hearts as patients chose to put their faith in Him. One such patient, Isaac, was a widower in the Tegucigalpa area of Honduras who had no living children. At 20/200, Isaac’s vision was almost nonexistent, a problem that team members corrected with a pair of eyeglasses.

But Isaac didn’t just need a physical touch. At 89 years old, he had heard that Jesus died on the cross, but no one had ever told him why. As a CompassionLink team member shared the gospel with him and told him about the kindness of Christ, Isaac was delighted and incredulous. He was eager to surrender his life to a God who loved him that much.

CompassionLink seeks to relieve the suffering in the name of Jesus. CL teams vary widely in makeup, since each is based on the host missionaries’ outreach goals. Some teams meet physical needs through health care clinics. Others focus on health development and community transformation. Still others educate people groups on health concerns common in their areas. But no matter what an outreach looks like, demonstrating God’s love and sharing His salvation stand at the heart of each one.


Bringing love and compassion to communities far and wide

One of the objectives of CompassionLink is to come alongside and help AG missionaries accomplish their dreams and calling. CL recently responded to the request of one AGWM missionary couple working in Moquegua, Peru. Chris and Deb Bowser worked hard for six months to plant a church but were growing discouraged. Despite all the hours they invested, only one adult had been saved and they were ministering only to the children in the area.

The Bowsers asked CL to join their efforts to plant the new church. God assembled a great team to help the Bowsers. Along with the 20-member CL medical evangelism team, missionary Lena Shrader, missionary associate Matt Cullipher, and local Peruvian AG church members gathered in support. God was ready to show what He could do in one week’s time!

On the first day of the clinic, one team member led a mother and her 21-year-old daughter to the Lord. They both cried tears of repentance as they were reconciled to God. When introduced to the Bowsers, they hugged Deb, who cried with them because they had attended the Thursday night Bible classes previously for several weeks without giving their hearts and lives to Christ.

That day more than a dozen new converts were brought into the Kingdom. By the end of the week, Chris and Deb were encouraged to see what God had done to help boost the new church through the CL team and those who worked with them. They counted over 200 new converts, and the church has new acceptance in the community.

The Bowsers also have new respect in the area, beginning with the mayor and his wife, who both attended the closing banquet. They were so impressed with the love and compassion shown to them and their city and saw teamwork at its best. All of the community saw what God can do. Best of all, the Bowsers have a follow-up team to visit new converts and the new church has the boost it needs to move ahead!


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