Passionate about building for LIFE with over 350 teams across the globe!

We provide missionaries and national churches with the expertise and resources required to plan, implement, and build construction projects worldwide. We deliver projects and services that bring transforming LIFE to the communities they serve.

These projects enable local champions to rise up in their community and bring lasting change. Supporting Builders International is a lasting investment that will have years of return, impacting many lives.

Effective tools for sharing the gospel in Honduras

The Honduras 100 project was established in 2005 with the goal of providing basic church structures for 100 new church plants throughout Honduras. When that goal was reached in recent years, Honduras 100-Plus was approved as a continuation of the original project.

This project has produced effective tools—facilities—for sharing the gospel across Honduras. This church-planting model requires property ownership by the national church and high levels of participation from the local congregation. The basic church building shell is completed by visiting teams, generally in three days of hard work with nationals often working with the teams. When the teams leave, the local church people work hard, finance, and complete the building.

Missionary Brad Foltz and two teams from Arkansas recently completed the church that Builders International refers to as Honduras #103. The congregation’s pastor’s is a lady named Magna. She moved to the community in 2015 to pastor this new church plant, the only evangelical church in the area. Pastor Magna worked alongside the Arkansas teams to complete the building’s shell. She has expressed much gratitude for this new facility.

Another church just outside the city of La Paz is referred to as Honduras #90. Volunteer teams built the basic structure in October 2015. A team from Arkansas recently returned to La Paz with Brad Foltz for electrical installation in the building. Brad reports that the congregation completed the church building within the last 15 months—the building now has a concrete floor, windows, and the platform. Even bigger news is that the congregation has grown to 70 people in the last 15 months! This congregation is pastored by Rosita Milla; this is Pastor Rosita’s third church plant. God told her to resign from pastoring another church of 200 members, her second church plant, and to move to La Paz to start this new church.


Building for life!

At Builders International, we build for life. Construction projects open a door into a community. They allow us to share the gospel, improve the well-being of the people who live the near the projects, bring a community together, and teach them about the abundant life that God has to offer them.

We value people over projects. Projects supported by Builders International are chosen and designed to have maximum impact in the communities where they are placed. Appropriate infrastructure is necessary to help improve people's lives. Our ministry greatly impacts the qualify of lives around the world.

Builders International helps bring abundant life to communities around the world—not just a life of getting by, but of living well and abundantly. The bottom line is to build facilities that help carry the gospel to all nations. Our goal is to bring people into a lifesaving relationship with Jesus Christ.


Assemblies of God pastor in Mexico leads drug cartel family to peace, hope, love, and relationships with Jesus

Three months had passed and the bullet still remained inside Jorge. Unlike the other six that had been removed from the 22-year-old, this single shot remained lodged in the former cartel member’s elbow.

The pain of the unextracted lead awoke the young father of two each morning to the horror of his past—the stealing, kidnapping, killing, and terror of his own near death.

However, underneath all the pain, a foundation was laid. Miraculously, Jorge survived the shooting and met a young pastor who was trained at a Bible School constructed by Builders International teams in Mexico.

The pastor now leads a dynamic congregation in a dangerous city. It was there in an environment of “BUILDING for life” that Jorge found peace, hope, love, and ultimately gave his heart to Jesus.

By trusting, following, and living in His Word, Jorge and his family are finding true joy for the first time. And because of that, Jorge is grateful for every blessing he can count, even the simplest of things.

“Every day I thank God,” he says. “I thank Him for my kids, for my wife, for the air in my lungs. I thank Him that I’m alive.”

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